A police raid on the seedy-though popular Sit-n-Swill, a devastating fire at her ex-husband's historic home, and a game of cat-and-mouse with Tiny aka Sam, who's about as much of a biker as Penelope is a belly dancer, turns her placid life upside down.

 When Penelope agrees to help the mayor's wife turn the old school into a community center, she isn't counting on what she'll find at the bottom of the 13 steps leading to the basement.

 A former Amaryllis resident returns to open an antique store in a building which has had many lives, including saloon and parlor house, but the murder and mayhem which follows along doesn't endear him to the town.

Penelope keeps the B&B slick as a whistle, but when the secrets of a forgotten community begin to leak out, she finds herself with a mess she can't clean up.

 The new priest brings a breath of fresh air to historic St. Hyacinth's, but something about an ordination gift from his immigrant grandfather is rattling the bones of evil past and present.

 Tiny the Biker aka Sam is back, and Penelope is head over heels in love. But if Sam can't let go of his dark past, they have no future.