Who's Who in Amaryllis AR 

Read past interviews with Jake Kelley, Mary Lynn Hargrove, Det. Sgt. Bradley Pembroke, Abijah the Cat, and, of course, Penelope Pembroke under 'Character Interviews'.

At the B&B 

Penelope Corinne Louise Kelley Pembroke made a mistake and fixed it the best way she knew how

John J. (Jake) Kelley hit Normandy Beach on D-Day and isn't ready to be put out to pasture 50 years later

Wynne Townes Kelley, dec'd, Jake's British war bride and queen of his heart

Bradley Travis Pembroke didn't want to follow his father's footsteps personally or professionally

Abijah, King of Cats tolerates Penelope. Period.

In Town 

Travis Pembroke, cotton entrepreneur and man-about-Amaryllis and the vicinity

Mayor Harry Hargrove, hometown boy, lawyer, saving Amaryllis's economy one event at a time

Mary Lynn Hargrove, "Mrs. Mayor", loyal to everyone she loves

Chief of Police Harley Malone, all-round good guy, top cop, getting old and knows it

Officer Parnell Garrett, most eligible bachelor in town

Officer Rosabel Deane has her eye on Bradley Pembroke and willing to wait

Miss Maude Pendleton,
scared generations of Amaryllis students into reading Chaucer and Shakespeare and liking it

Shana Bayliss, librarian, had her eye on Bradley Pembroke until she got a look at his father

Mike and Millie Dancer quit designing lingerie and coaching girls' basketball to take on the bikers at the Sit-n-Swill

Possum Hollow 

The Hadden Clan, feuds, moonshine, and not fond of outsiders

George Harris and the faculty of Possum Hollow School, cleaning out the Hollow one child at a time

 From the Past

Jeremiah Bowden, founder in 1880 of the town of Amaryllis

Miss Daisy Bowden, Jeremiah's sister and first teacher in the school he established

Jessie Ruth Ives Collier, who left the town a questionable legacy

Edgar Ragsdale, who recorded the town's pictorial history with one notable exception

 A Cast of Baddies and Goodies Who Come and Go and Sometimes Stay A While

And last but not least...

Tiny aka Sam

who comes and goes

and takes Penelope's heart with him every time